turkey threat analysis and risk assessments

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis for Istanbul

In 2016, Turkey was experiencing turbulent times with a failed military coup, army vehicles roaming the streets and gunshots being heard near government buildings. A humanitarian organization, headquartered in the United States, was expanding and exploring its options for an operations center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The global security manager was exposed to the media and aware the British and US Governments were releasing threat warnings about recent terrorist activity in Turkey. The security manager needed objective and accurate information relating to the exact locations and impacts of incidents to fully understand and measure the level of risk.

Intelyse Information Services provide clients with consistent, location-specific, verified incident reporting, free of “noise” and media bias. Our services enable clients to build a comprehensive picture of the surrounding threat landscape to better inform decision-making. This includes direct access to our regional analysts, platform access to explore raw incident data and concise, user-friendly reports.

Intelyse provided the security manager with a comprehensive custom threat and risk assessment. The assessment clearly showed where all the incidents took place near the organization’s future office site. The report compiled all incidents involving ISIS, the distribution of arrests targeting ISIS militants, the distribution of robberies and the number of targeted killings and casualties.

Once all the incident data was verified and compiled, the analysts and Regional Information Managers provided accurate incident heat maps and visual data charts to effectively communicate the relevant threats and risks in the area.


The reports and analysis provided sufficient and well-presented evidence to the security team. Having reliable information backed by objective data to power the decision-making process removes bias and uncertainty. The Security Manager presented the findings to his senior management with a full understanding of the potential security risks and the additional associated costs. Given the situation, the client decided to re-evaluate the decision to move and delay until the situation stabilized.

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