Risk Management Advisory and Consultancy

The Intelyse consulting practice enables businesses and executives to implement risk preparedness and recovery management The practice has the experience, breadth and reach to offer long term risk advisory services or shorter-term consulting for entities requiring professional expertise across the spectrum of threats, traversing physical and cyber domains seamlessly to examine risks and associated vulnerabilities. Through our suite of risk professionals we help organizations develop appropriately robust policies, processes and procedures to ensure enduring resilience whether initiated through effective leadership or compelled through the need to comply with a standard.

We bring clarity to your risk and recovery requirements. 

Our Consulting Team

Johnny Aisbitt MBCI

Specialization: Principal Enterprise Resilience Consultant
Johnny is a specialist in risk, emergency, crisis and business continuity management across all Governmental and private sectors. He is a former UK military and UK Government strategic contingency planner.

Nikki Meadows

Specialization: Enterprise Resilience
Nikki is an expert business continuity program advisor and crisis exercise designer. She has advised and supported a range of organizations including governments, financial services and telecoms providers.

Peter Christie MSc

Specialization: Risk Management
Peter is a risk and security management expert with extensive operational, training, and crisis experience in complex security environments including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stuart Harrison

Specialization: Critical National Infrastructure
Stuart is a Crisis Management, Response and Protective Security expert with decades of international experience in the protection of critical national infrastructure.

David James-Roll

Specialization: Risk Management
David is a security risk and crisis management specialist, with decades of experience delivering and leading high-profile global security plans in corporate and security provider settings.

Tonya Bonfa BSc (Hons)

Specialization: Reputational Risk Management & Investigation
Tonya is a Reputation Risk Management & Investigation expert with extensive experience in managing complex and dynamic investigations, assessing and mitigating risk.

Chris Darby MA, CBCI, CSyP

Specialization: Enterprise Resilience
Chris is a senior advisor skilled in enterprise resilience, crisis preparedness and risk mitigation. He is a risk insurance expert and currently advises and supports brokers, underwriters and their clients, globally.

Andrew Speirs MSc, CBCI

Specialization: Risk Management
Andrew is an experienced senior security & risk management professional with nineteen years operational experience working in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

René D

Specialization: Counter-Intelligence
René is a multi-lingual security management and counter-intelligence expert. He has over 30 years of experience operating in various regions, including Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Ben Hollister MBE, MAPM

Specialization: Defense Consulting
Ben is an experienced defense and management consultant with international experience of leading, managing and developing high performing teams in complex environments.

Adrian Raisbeck MSc

Specialization: Maritime Risk Management
Adrian is a seasoned security and maritime advisor who has worked in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, helping businesses and governments with their security needs.

Cliff Knuckey

Specialization: Economic Crime Investigation
Cliff is has 50 years’ experience, in UK law enforcement and the corporate sector, focusing on the investigation of Fraud, Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Bribery and Corruption.

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