Enterprise Resilience

Effective real-world business continuity and crisis management

What is Enterprise Resilience?

Creating an organization that is prepared for incidents, emergencies and crises, enabling its commercial priorities to be maintained and recovery from any events to be effective.

"Intelyse has been contracted continually by (major international ride-sharing) since mid 2020 conducting gap analyses, pilot implementation and dedicated full project implementation delivering enterprise resilience, business continuity, structural architecture discovery, training & exercising as well as governance and assurance provisions to various parts of the business. These deliverables have been in support of business requirements to meet and exceed various Government’s compliance standards. Intelyse has provided best in class consultants throughout the contracting period ensuring comprehensive delivery of Statements of Work wrapped up in an efficient consulting process. The complexity of the required deliverables across multiple geographies and in a complex operating environment have proven that Intelyse will deliver value and quality continually."
Head of Global Business Resilience

Sustainable Resilience and Readiness

We help organizations put robust, practical systems, training, exercises and documentation in place to better equip their people to safeguard and manage uncertainties that hinder business functions, halt progress, prevent achievements and threaten commercial success.

Our Enterprise Resilience Services scale from individual consultation sessions and desktop exercises to comprehensive resilience planning and hands-on scenario simulations.

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Real, practical and fully scalable business continuity and crisis management solutions.

Minimize the impact

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Main Service Components

Every organization has different needs. Our service components are scalable to the business type, size, location and requirements you may have; from small companies to large corporations our delivery prepares you to be genuinely resilient, commercially attractive and contractually compliant.