Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Keep informed and stay safe.

Travel Restrictions and National COVID-19 Control Measures

As world travel is now more accessible and information is widely available, Intelyse is no longer maintaining its Coronavirus Travel Restrictions page. If you have any specific inquiries relating to our services, please contact our advisory team using our Contact page.

Thank you.

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Afghanistan, One Year since Taliban Takeover

August 15, 2022 marks the first year since the Taliban takeover. In its first year of governance the Taliban regime, or the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), has encountered difficulty gaining legitimacy domestically. Internal frictions have hampered the IEA’s ability to get international recognition required for post-conflict reconstruction.

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Enterprise Resilience: Preparing for and Mitigating Crises

Importance of business resilience, the correlation between continuity and resilience and steps to take to strengthen resilience in your organization.

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Choosing the right georisk analysis provider for you: five essential criteria

Working with a strategic georisk expert in the Middle East and Africa region is essential in order to stay focussed on strategic priorities. Here’s how to choose the right partner.

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Risk consultancy for safety and business continuity during political unrest

How Intelyse’s real-time risk analysis supported multinationals in Libya to maintain business resilience during severe geopolitical uncertainty

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Establishing the principles of risk strategy

Companies working in regions with high georisk must have a robust process to establish georisk strategy. Here are our top five best practice principles for risk strategy.

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Risk and business strategy in the Middle East & Africa

Operating a business in the Middle East and Africa comes with a set of unique considerations. Here’s how to take a strategic view of the region’s georisk.

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