Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Keep informed and stay safe.

Travel Restrictions and National COVID-19 Control Measures

As world travel is now more accessible and information is widely available, Intelyse is no longer maintaining its Coronavirus Travel Restrictions page. If you have any specific inquiries relating to our services, please contact our advisory team using our Contact page.

Thank you.

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Protected: Establishing the principles of risk strategy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: Georisk and strategy in the MEA SSA region

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The Middle East: What do the UAE attacks mean for the region?

What has happened in the lead up to the Houthi’s attack on the UAE, and what next? What does this mean for the Middle East region? Intelyse’s analysts recently summarized the situation in its Middle East Regional Report.

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Reach You Mass Communications Featured Image during COVID-19

Mass Communications to Remote Workers during COVID-19 Lockdown, Dubai

Intelyse’s mass communications system is used for pertinent updates via WhatsApp for subscribers of its COVID-19 advisory service.

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Using Mass Communications for FMCG in Dubai, UAE

Mass Communications for an FMCG Company in the Middle East

An FMCG company in the Middle East takes advantage of mass communications for efficient, internal communications and clear emergency notifications.

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Iraq elections

Iraq Elections 2021: Who’s Who and Scenarios

Iraq will hold early parliamentary elections on 10 October 2021, nine months before schedule. The Independent High Electoral Commission and the United Nations have vowed to monitor the elections to ensure their integrity.

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