Information Services

Situational Reporting and Threat Analysis

Information and Analysis

Intelyse provides high-quality, timely and relevant information which supports the identification and clarification of existing and emerging risks to your business operations and assets.

InSight Platform

All clients have direct access to our information database, which holds tens of thousands of incident reports dating from 2009 onwards. Explore a range of intuitive trend analysis tools that can be easily used to create clear visuals, establish situational awareness, and support the planning of operational activities.

Incident Monitoring and Alerts

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our Global Assistance Center and dedicated research team monitor carefully curated and up-to-date sources of information on global events. The team provides a stream of high-quality, relevant and timely incident alerts to clients in an easily digestible format.

Threat and Risk Assessments

Intelyse have a comprehensive methodology, developed by our team of experienced professionals, to identify and describe emerging threats to global business travelers, and the safety and operations of business operations in 23 countries with distinctive and challenging operating environments. Our Risk Assessments provide corporate security professionals and on the ground staff with the information they need to make tactical, operational and strategic decisions.

Data Visualization

Explore a wide range of visualizations; including fully interactive maps linked to incident data, heat maps, graphics including data charts which can be exported and another fully interactive geofence function, that enables users to export data into KMZ and KML format, to integrate with their own systems.

Bespoke Reporting and Analysis

Intelyse retains the capacity to respond to bespoke requests for tailored information and analysis. In addition to pre-market entry analysis, we provide timely briefings on new and emerging factors in the countries in which our clients operate. The world is constantly changing, and our staff pride themselves on keeping abreast of any new issues that emerge in a volatile and challenging business environment. This approach allows all of us to address issues in an exciting but rewarding world of opportunity.

Information Services Capability Statements

A concise summary of Intelyse’s Information Services. Includes testimonials, past performance, and essential company details.