Protective Analysis

On-Demand Risk Analysis & Forecasting relevant to your Business


Information on-demand, rather than information as a service, delivers greater value to leading enterprises. In a world saturated by unauthenticated easy access information, making well-informed corporate decisions is challenging.

Intelyse provides protective analysis of events and ongoing situations, why they have happened and, most importantly, what happens next. This analysis is governed by and relevant to your business, your commercial situation, your operational footprint and your specific geographies.

Organizations’ know what they need answering and characterize their requirements differently. What doesn’t change is the need for the specific relevant detail. We focus on the depth a client needs to remain effectively informed. Since 2005, Intelyse has been supporting client decision making across the world, most prominently in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Our multi-national team of analysts and researchers is responsive to the context of each client, using in-country sources, open source intelligence and years of expertise to deliver valuable analysis to our clients. Critical to this analysis is forecasting what happens next using scenarios rooted in both the granular situation and the broader geo-political context.