Africa threat analysis and risk assessments

Threat and Security Comparison of Operation Sites in Africa

An international private security services provider operating in several locations in Africa needed a reliable source of information to help manage the day-to-day risk exposure. One of the main challenges management faced was the ability to measure the relative risk in each country.

Each in-country security manager was well-experienced in operating in their particular region. However, each country’s risk level wildly varied when compared side-by-side. Each was within the norm but one was significantly above the risk appetite when compared with other operating environments.

Firstly, Intelyse provided a comprehensive report that allowed an accurate comparison of the current risk and threat environments of all operation zones. The identified risk coincided with the additional associated security costs of operating the high-risk site.

The report guided management into exploring potential alternative sites that could provide a similar level of coverage at a safer and more cost-effective location.

Using InSight, Intelyse analyzed the risk levels of the alternative sites and provided in-depth reporting, including both quantitative and qualitative evidence and data-driven visuals to support their findings. This gave the organization a solid understanding of their security situational and surroundings.

Intelyse ultimately helped to demonstrate the safety of an alternative and push for cost savings by housing their team in the less expensive option, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year while ensuring the safety and security of staff members in-country.

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