Global Corporate Traveler Tracking App

Intelyse specializes in traveler tracking to help organizations gain complete visibility of their people when abroad. Our traveler tracking solutions ensure a duty of care to corporate travelers while maintaining user privacy.

A large blue-chip firm with hundreds of corporate travelers came to Intelyse to solve their employee location needs. Employees were traveling from city to city with no true account of their movements. For example, when the 2016 Ataturk Airport attack occurred in Turkey, it took the organization a considerable amount of time to account for staff. With IntelyseYou, travelers can conveniently install the app onto their smartphone or tablet and quickly report back to their HQ.

The app uses its smart eco-locate feature which switches to precise GPS mode in case of a panic, meaning it has minimal disruption on operation or battery life. This allows businesses and their operations or security managers to locate all users on the platform at the click of a button. They can then communicate with the user directly or with support from our 24-hour assistance center. Our 24/7 Assistance Center is there to support our clients in query resolution, over-the-air training, incident alerting and emergency response.

Intelyse Travel Security Services are incredibly simple to install, all pre-trip training is provided and it allows managers to keep track of and communicate effectively with their team. Our tracking solutions provide simple two-way individual and mass-messaging capabilities for clients to quickly and cost-effectively reach travelers on the platform.

Sicuro’s information and analysis service, Intelyse also sends the travelers timely, location-specific, alerts and reports on security or political threats. Our expert team of researchers and analysts provides our clients with potential upcoming risks. This allows time for any necessary steps to mitigate travel risk as much as possible.

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