Security Vulnerability Assessment for a Multinational Engineering and Construction Client for a Project Site in Bangladesh

Intelyse provides bespoke reports to clients as part of our Information Services. Our team of security information and regional experts provide clients with comprehensive and in-depth insight into requested areas of interest. This provides clients with an enhanced overview of potential risks and opportunities allowing for more informed and effective decision making.

Intelyse was approached by an engineering and construction client to conduct a security vulnerability assessment for a potential project site in Bangladesh. The requirement would later be used to aid in a bidding decision for the company.

When assessing new opportunities in unfamiliar territories, more information is needed to provide an accurate picture. Intelyse Bespoke Reports provide clients with the answers and solutions to their unanswered questions prior to any new ventures. Our team expertly compiles actionable information for organizations to use to their advantage and reduce enterprise risk.

Intelyse prepared a careful plan of approach and a representative was deployed to Bangladesh to conduct the study. Meetings were conducted with external agencies inclusive of maritime, medical and security assets. Various hotels were visited and the security assessed to produce an overall assessment of the area. The potential project work sites were visited, and a risk assessment was made in line with industry standards. A thorough report was then produced using information gathered and delivered to the client with positive feedback.

Taking risks is an integral part of the success of a modern and evolving business. Our clients ask us to solve problems that are specific to their current business interests. Intelyse specialize in the provision of objective information that solves our clients’ problems and manages risk.

If you are looking to unlock new and exciting business opportunities, Intelyse Information Services and Bespoke Reports will help you take full advantage.

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