iraq threat analysis and risk assessments

Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment for International NGO in Iraq

An international NGO with ongoing operations in Kirkuk was looking to open up a second site in another location. Due to the well-known security risks in Kirkuk, the NGO was operating with a private security service provider.

To ensure staff and volunteer safety in Kirkuk, the security provider recommended a comprehensive setup, including armored vehicles and expat close protection personnel. However, the client was unsure if such a heavy-handed approach was necessary for the second location where it was widely perceived to be a lower security risk.

The client wanted to proceed with a scaled-down security team but was unsure as to the risk involved and approached Intelyse for a second opinion to further gauge the level of security required.

Intelyse is an independent information provider with in-house expertise in threat analysis and risk assessments. This allows our teams to provide objective and reliable advice to organizations operating in high-risk environments where the risks are more complex.

Intelyse prepared a comparison of the two sites to demonstrate that the new site had significantly fewer security threats. The client presented the findings to management and gained approval for a more scaled-down security solution. Accurate and objective information reporting and expert evaluation enabled the client to effectively plan operations in accordance with the relative level of risk in the area. Intelyse services equip decision-makers with information to form an independent understanding of the risks involved and proceed accordingly.

Intelyse’s information platform, InSight, stores thousands of incident reports that allow our expert analysts to explore trends and patterns to deliver unique insight into the situation on the ground. In this case, the reporting empowered the operation lead with more granular information to use to explore possible cost-savings measures. This enabled his team to continue to act with caution, maintain sufficient security and save thousands of dollars in the process.

After the success of the initial project scope, our client purchased a subscription to our Iraq Information Services. This includes one-to-one access to our Regional Information Managers, platform access, weekly threat assessments, daily reporting and analysis tools.

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