Reach You Mass Communications Featured Image during COVID-19

Mass Communications to Remote Workers during COVID-19 Lockdown, Dubai

The Challenge with Remote Work and Communications

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations needed to rapidly pivot to remote working roles and requirement for clear, concise and effective communication was vividly apparent.

If a business or organization is not clearly set up for or experienced in using a remote working model, communications can become ineffective and slow down business operations. Intelyse was approached to provide a simple system to check in with employees during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure their mental wellbeing throughout the strict lockdown.

The system needed to be easy to use and be able to send large-scale one-way and two-way messaged. Also, the mass communications system needed to clearly flag anyone not responding for a follow-up phone call or home visit if necessary.

The Proposed Mass Communications Solution

Intelyse identified that all employees use Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp for day-to-day work communications. Intelyse proposed ReachYou as it integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp without the need for employees to download or be trained on any additional software.

Mass Communications Software

As the COVID-19 situation across the globe was rapidly developing and misinformation could result in disrupted travel, medical risks and potential fines, Intelyse offered its complimentary Travel Risk and COVID-19 Advisory Subscription to complement ReachYou. This allowed us to immediately broadcast any verified and relevant information related to COVID-19 to enable staff to remain well-informed and operate with confidence.

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During the peak of the Covid pandemic, Intelyse utilized its mass communications system to share lockdown and travel restriction updates. Users subscribed to Intelyse’s COV-19 updates were quickly notified via WhatsApp when a country situation or border entry changed.

“Using WhatsApp worked really well for our Middle East users. The app is popular in the region and low cost, enabling our complimentary service to be delivered effectively,” says Eleanor Berry, Associate Director, Advisory at Intelyse.

Hundreds of users benefitted from the service, and daily updates were sent directly to the user’s phone via WhatsApp in one-way message communication. This was supported by a daily email summary and travel restrictions webpage, keeping users informed of the latest travel and lockdown restrictions globally.

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