Using Mass Communications for FMCG in Dubai, UAE

Mass Communications for an FMCG Company in the Middle East

The Challenge with Internal and Emergency Mass Communications

An international FMCG organization in the Middle East, based in Dubai, contacted Intelyse to assist with internal corporate communications, incident response, and emergency notifications. The organization struggled with its internal corporate communications for over 3,000 employees across the MENA region, based in their regional offices, at home, and on the road for deliveries.

The HR and HSE teams opted for a manual system of email when notices needed to be shared, creating a lengthy system with no way to escalate those in need and having no audit trail. The 2020 Beirut port blast exposed the flaws in their existing system. They had no idea who was still unaccounted for and who may have been in danger, and later, who needed to be evacuated back to their home office country.

The Proposed Mass Communications Solution

Intelyse proposed ReachYou for mass communications and emergency notifications, along with training to integrate standard operating procedures (SoPs) to improve communication, business continuity and crisis management to help prepare for future emergencies and mitigate potential risks.

Mass Communications Software

Using ReachYou mass communications system, the FMCG organization could streamline communications, quickly share pertinent information, and respond to employees requiring help even faster.

The system can also be used for daily announcements, such as weather warnings, HSE reminders, HR notifications, and more. The organization can send out a fully customizable text, polling, or check-in requests to maintain its employee duty of care and communication.

ReachYou is easy to use, requires very little training and it works with everyday communication channels to help organizations reach their people quickly and effectively. You can use WhatsApp to reach smartphone users, SMS to reach those without a smartphone and email for non-urgent or alternative messaging.

One of the best features of ReachYou is that it doesn’t require every member of staff to download an app so the HR, security or HSE team can begin using the system within hours with little large-scale staff coordination.

You can find out more about ReachYou here.


The HR and management team was trained using a 2-hour workshop and the 3,000 staff members were onboarded by the Intelyse’s Global Assistance Center (GAC) support team within 1 working day.

The system was successfully tested and fully implemented within the week. All staff members were provided the option to download the optional Reach for Traveler app for additional risk information, which we recommend for frequent travelers.

To find out more about ReachYou or to arrange a platform demonstration, please contact our team.