Intelyse partners with Aspen Medical

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Intelyse is delighted to announce most recent partnership with Aspen Medical International.

The main drive behind the partnership with Aspen is to bolster our full travel risk management solution.

“Intelyse’s Travel Risk Management Service has been developed to satisfy the bespoke requirements of our clients and integrates industry best practice across its capabilities. We believe it challenges existing products in a crowded marketplace due to its flexibility and ability to customize – creating a lower-priced entry point and ease of use. Not forgetting the advantage of quality supporting staff and infrastructure.” Eleanor Berry, Intelyse Product Lead. 

“We are excited about this new partnership, it adds to our existing portfolio of delivering multi-award-winning medical solutions to a range of sectors, globally.” Dr. Andrew Walker, Aspen’s Executive Chairman.

The new partnership is a fantastic fit for everyone involved and allows Intelyse to strengthen the medical and security response services provided. Reach and IntelyseYou combine state-of-the-art monitoring systems, mass communication capabilities and a secure online management portal to provide a robust travel risk solution to employers around the world.

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