GRAAL Trauma Pack

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Made from Berry Amendment 1000D solution-dyed nylon, this 20L bag is designed to reduce IR signature and offers resistance to sand and water damage. This ensures it can withstand harsh conditions and stay functional when you need it most.
Inside the bag, you will find six removable clear vinyl pouches. These pouches allow you to easily store, access, and label various trauma management equipment for hemorrhage control, airway management, and intravenous therapy. This way, every piece of equipment has its place, and everything is easy to find in an emergency.
Size: 30x13x46cm. Weight: 5.5kg
3 x Chest seal Twin Pack
5 x Compressed Gauzes
3 x 4" Emergency Bandage
3 x 6" Emergency Bandage
5 x Toruniquet
2 x 36" Aluminum Splint
1 x Medical Shears
3 x Nasal Airway
3 x Lubricant Jelly
2 x Soluble Hemostatic Gauze
1 x Multifunctional Emergency Shears
1 x Reusable Led Penlight
10 x pairs gloves
3 x Combar Cravat
1 x Resuscitator
5 x Marker
6 x Alcohol Pad
5 x CPR Face Shield
5 x Combat Tape
5 x Emergency Blanket
6 x Eye Shield
5 x Elastic Bandage
4 x Oroharyngeal Airway
5 x Burn Dressing (3.5g)
2 x Burn Dressing (100*100mm)

1 x Burn Dressing (200*450mm)

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