Helping You Navigate Risk in an Uncertain World.

Providing leaders with expertise in geopolitical intelligence, travel risk management and business continuity for operational success.

Our services help protect organizations and their people from the day-to-day risks and uncertainties in complex operating environments.

Our Solutions

Protective Services

Intelyse provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored for international companies seeking a trusted security partner

Protective Analysis

Intelyse provides protective analysis of events and ongoing situations, why they have happened and, most importantly, what happens next

Enterprise Resilience

Intelyse can scale from individual consultation sessions and desktop exercises to comprehensive resilience planning and hands-on scenario simulations

Our Platforms

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Simple Systems

Business Resilience

Critical Information

Our technology is user-friendly, while still focusing on advanced features, smart integration feeds, and yet still prioritizing privacy.

We help clients with their risk management, operational preparedness, and staff safety measures. We have the necessary in-depth information, technology, and expertise to support your business continuity efforts.

In-depth, actionable, and relevant insight delivered 24/7/365 on global threats, with granular detail on high-risk locations. Enables you to make more informed decisions and implement risk mitigation measures.

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Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

An entire intelligence gathering operation for swift, reliable and actionable information.


Forecast likely developments and guide operational decisions.


Geopolitical, security and travel safety experts at your disposal.


A deeper context of security alerts to fully understand developing situations.


Complete situational awareness in complex operating environments.


Direct access to uncensored information to conduct your own analysis if needed.

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